Parts For Sale.

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Parts For Sale.

New postby jholt#51 on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:20 pm

SBC Cross Over Headers........$125.00

OBERG Oil Filter..........$75.00 -------New Price $225.

Fuel Log for a Holley 750 .... $25.00------New Price $45.

Quick Change Rear End Panhard Bar Bracket (New/Never Used) Speedway P#916-45510..$20.00-----New $49.

2 5/8" Auto Meter Amp Gauge New in the box......$25.00

2 5/8" Auto Meter Liquid Filled Fuel Press. Gauge New in the box. $35.00----New $90.

Sweet Mfg. 17" Aluminum Steering Wheel with Hex quick disconnect, steel hub for steering column and steering wheel pad. $80.00-------If bought new, all together would cost $150.

Top Control Arms 6" center. 8", 9", 9 1/4", 10", 10 1/2". $20.00 each.

1999 Monte Carlo LM body parts, White/Fiberglass. Roof, Quarter Panels, Rear Bumper. ----- Make Offer.

Early 2000's Monte Carlo LM ARP body parts, Black/Fiberglass. Doors, Fenders, Quarters.-- Make Offer.

Late 80's Chevy Lumina LM ARP body complete. Red/ Fiberglass. ----------- Make Offer.

Quick Change Gear sets. $35 each.
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Joey Holt
If you have any questions just call, text me at 205-886-9458 or Face Book message me.
I'm located in Tuscaloosa close to the Mercedes plant. Some parts can be picked up in Trussville if needed.
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