Wondering Why?

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Wondering Why?

New postby bobaru8888 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:40 am

Wondering why the Five Flags message board does not get posts.
Now that we are running there as often as possible I would like to get updates here.

Friday was a great turnout for the Pro Late Models.
That was my first experience with the 20/30 invert races.
It did not work out in my favor, or Garrets for that matter.

I think a maximum number of inverts would be better, but I am still planning on running on the 10th.
Maybe it will work better this time for us.

Either way it was a great field of cars.
See you coastal folks on the 10th.

Bobby Reuse :twisted:
" I do it because I love it, even when the results are disappointing!"
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